Download Sequences

Download FASTA Sequences

Gene, coding and protein sequences of all conserved genes in fungal mt genomes in MitoFun are available for download in FASTA format (.zip compressed archives).

The MitoFun Team welcomes suggestions, comments and submission of novel fungal mt genomes. Please feel free to contact any of the MitoFun Team Members.

MitoFun is a collaborative project between the Department of Genetics and Biotechnology (Faculty of Biology, University of Athens) and the Bioinformatics Research Laboratory (Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cyprus).
This project was partially funded by the University of Athens (Kapodistrias grant no. 70/4/8804) and the University of Cyprus (Grant 3/311).
The MitoFun development team: Ioannis Kirmitzoglou, Maria Ntertili, Stella Tamana, Ioanna Kalvari, Michalis Vasiliadis, Vassili N. Kouvelis, Vasilis J. Promponas, and Milton A. Typas
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